Awesome Features of Blockoptions aims to build an independent and decentralized platform for binary options industry.

Pure P2P market

Traders bet against Bankrollers, makes profit from trading fees


Getting assets price on blockchain, cheating by manipulating price feed impossible.

High Reward Rate X175%

If you win, your capital increases up to 175%

Provably Fair

Player Places bets on games offerd by the service operator

Guaranteed Payout

Payments are issued by smart contract direct to your ETH address

Pasive Income for Token Holders

*Special offer to ICO Investors!

How It Works

To achieve the 100% onchain platform, won’t need account registration, off-chain server side, additional database, man power to audit funding/trading/withdrawing, but only reply on ethereum blockchain.

Token Distribution

20,000,000 Blockoptions Tokens[BOPT] will be created as Ethereum ERC20 tokens and issued during the tokensale.
*Please note: we have changed BOPT to BOP, Total Supply: 2,700,000 BOP .

Please fill in the following details to Add Custom Token on MyEtherWallet :
Address: 0x7f1e2c7d6a69bf34824d72c53b4550e895c0d8c2
Token Symbol: BOP
Decimals: 8

ICO Fund Usage

80% of the funds raised will be used for futher development and marketing. The remaining funds will be used for legal and other costs.


Public version of Blockoption will be released in Dec. 2017 or earlier!

Contact Us

Contact the team on or contact us at: [email protected]

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